Waterman’s Olympiad

Background & Intent

The Watermen’s Olympiad tests an individuals speed, skill, and perseverance in adapting and overcoming numerous challenges that confront those who work the water on a daily basis.  The Olympiad affords each camper the opportunity to test themselves in head-to-head competition with their peers, resulting in a quickening and continued formation of the tenacious spirit.   Reference Main Pier Site Map for event locations.  Reference Olympiad schedule for group station rotations.

Olympiad Events

Flag Raising. Flag raising is conducted at Main Pier at 9:20 AM.

The Great Crab Race. Crabs are placed in a starter’s ring.  Several heats will be conducted in the event of a large turn out.  Upon the signal crabs run for their lives.  First one off the pier wins.     Each Olympiad participant is encouraged to catch a crab prior to Olympiad.  To keep your entry alive prior to the race the following guidelines are offered for consideration.

Step One:  Catch your crab as close as possible to post time.

Step Two:  Place your entry in a crab pot, or live box, until the morning of the race.  Or, you can keep your crab at the bottom of a bucket and covered with seaweed (a.k.a. SAV, baygrass, et.al).  This technique will keep your crab’s gills wet and alive for up to several days.  However, may not be as fast as one fresh from the water.

Cautionary note, DO NOT cover your crab with water while in the bucket, the crab will suffocate within an hour.

  1. Bug Hunt. We’re goin’ fishin’.  So were off to the swamp to find as many big juicy bugs as we can find for bait.  Roman v. Spartan competition, winning team collects the most bugs.
  2. Seaweed Mountain.You’ve been hired by a zillionaire on the Western Shore to clear his slip of seaweed.  He is paying you by the pile.  Roman v. Spartan competition, winning team builds the largest pile as measured by vertical height.
  3. Tire Relay. Daddy’s truck has a flat tire and of course the spare is flat too.  While daddy deals with the flat you’ve been told to roll the spare flat tire to your uncle’s filling station for repairs.  Roman v. Spartan competition, first to finish wins.
  4. Toilet Seat Horseshoes.Waterborne shoes using expedient materials striped from old buildings.  Roman v. Spartan competition, puts the most horseshoes in the hoola hoop.  Event runs in a relay fashion.
  5. Lost Hardware Diving. Your tool & hardware box has been knocked off the pier into shallow water.  The sea nettles are thick so you elect to pick up the lost items with your toes.  Roman v. Spartan competition, winning team picks up the most items.
  6. Abandon Ship.It’s the dead of winter.  Your Bay-Built is sinking fast.  The crew’s only chance is to abandon ship and make it to the lifeboat that has floated away.  Roman v. Spartan competition, first to finish wins.
  7. Houser Hoist.Vandals have untied a ship and it has begun to float away.  The only chance of saving the ship from being a navigational hazard is to swim the houser line to the ship in order to secure it.  Roman v. Spartan competition, first to finish wins.
  8. Inner Tube Relay. A hurricane has flooded the entire Eastern Shore.  You’ve been hired to deliver medicine to those trapped by the flood tides.  Roman v. Spartan competition, first to finish wins.
  9. Lifesaver Race. Your cousin falls overboard and has hit his head.  You must save your cousins life and tow them to safety.  Roman v. Spartan competition, first to finish wins.
  10. General Quarters. Your Skipjack has been caught in a sudden gale.  You’ve had a collision with another work boat and it has staved in several planks below the water line.  To keep from sinking you must rig a brace repair the Skipjack during the storm.  Roman v. Spartan competition, first to finish wins.
  11. Waterpolo. The watermen gentry’s favorite Olympic sport.  Roman v. Spartan competition, high score wins.
  12. Kayak Polo.The watermen’s favorite Olympic sport in kayaks.   Roman v. Spartan competition, high score wins.
  13. Cannon Ball Firefighter (Alternate Event).Your great aunt’s crab shedding shack at the end of your uncle’s pier has caught fire.  With the power out the dock pumps are not working to fight the fire.  The volunteer fire department is rallying, but not expected to arrive for another half hour.   The family rallies in the interim.  Adults bail water onto the fire with old drywall mud buckets with all the nephews and nieces taking direct action by splashing water on to the burning with their best cannonballs and jackknifes from the dock.  Roman v. Spartan competition, highest splash (team total) wins.

Honors & Awards

Champions of varying individual events will be awarded waterman practical prizes.  Ladder points will be awarded in accordance announced standards.  The individual demonstrating the highest level of initiative, teamwork, and leadership among their peers will be declared the Waterman of the Year and awarded a commemorative oar.  Runner Ups will be awarded practical waterman prizes.  Top Crab Race finishers will be awarded practical waterman prizes.

  • 9:20 Flag Raising at Main Pier
  • 9:45 The Great Crab Race
  • 10:00 Watermen’s Olympiad
  • 11:00 Presentation of the Waterman of the Year