• CAMP ELIGIBILITY: In order to register for Sherwood Forest Boys and Girls Camp, the registrant must be a child or grandchild of a member or limited member. A guest is eligible for enrollment in Camp during the period said guest is residing full time in the home of a member or limited member.
  • You will be required to acknowledge that the camper is eligible to attend Sherwood Forest Boys and Girls Camp in order to complete the registration process. If you have questions about this eligibility rule or know you will be unable to abide by this rule, please contact prior to completing registration.


Registration TBD

Please follow the link to the online registration:

CampDoc instructions


Please register by  June 8, 2023 . After that date, your profile will be locked and you will not be able to make further changes unless approved by Sherwood Forest Boys and Girls Camp.   A CAMPER MUST BE REGISTERED ON-LINE BEFORE ATTENDING CAMP.   A child who is not registered will not be placed in a group and will not be permitted to attend.


                              SHERWOOD FOREST BOYS AND GIRLS CAMP
Group Born on or After Born Before
Pre-playground 9.1.19 9.1.20
Playground, 1st year 9.1.18 9.1.19
Playground, 2nd year 9.1.17 9.1.18
NITs 9.1.16 9.1.17
Novice Green 9.1.15 9.1.16
Novice White 9.1.14 9.1.13
Middie Green 9.1.13 9.1.14
Middie White 9.1.12 9.1.13
Junior Green 9.1.11 9.1.12
Junior White 9.1.10 9.1.11
Intermediate Green 9.1.09 9.1.10
Intermediate White 9.1.08 9.1.09
Senior, 1st Year 9.1.07 9.1.08
Senior, 2nd Year 9.1.06 9.1.07



Sherwood Forest Club

134 Sherwood Forest Road
Sherwood Forest, MD 21405

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ONLINE camp registration for 2023 will open in April

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