Swimming and Diving

SRSA Swimming Records


The Sherwood Swim Program utilizes more than a half century of experience and the American Red Cross swimmer certification program to develop competent swimmers. Since Sherwood children live along the banks of the Severn River, all children receive drown-proofing training. Young children then progress through the American Red Cross certification program leading them to lifeguard certification. The Red Cross training is enhanced by Sherwood’s competitive swim and diving program that features weekly competitions.

Swimming Activities

The Playground children are given their first exposure to swimming during the afternoon sessions, which alternate between the waterfront and pool. Water shoes are encouraged for the younger children at Main Pier. Children are not allowed in the water before class begins. Children must be checked in before class and checked out before going home. After class, children are required to go home immediately unless a parent is present.

Children are placed in different Playground swim groups according to ability and are moved from group to group at the discretion of the counselors. Playground children will be told when they may participate in the Thursday morning swim races. On a day when a child takes part in the races, he does not have to come to Playground. Attendance points are given if the child is present to swim, even if child does not swim. All Playground children who do not participate in the races shall come to Playground as usual. There will be a Swim Carnival for all levels of Playground & NIT Swimmers at the end of the camp season.

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