Arts 'n Crafts

The Arts in Sherwood Forest

Over the past 80 years the camp program has grown to offer a variety of activities to the camper. In addition to athletics, the camp offers a variety of different experiences for the camper.

Arts and Crafts is offered as an integral part of the Camp program and is headquartered in a facility adjacent to the bowling alleys on the lower level of the Clubhouse. Campers are generally scheduled for Arts & Crafts on a weekly basis. An Arts & Crafts Show displaying the camper’s summer projects is scheduled for August. All campers regardless of whether they have their 75% attendance record are eligible for the Arts & Crafts Award. An information sheet is distributed to the campers by mid-summer with the award’s criteria. Children are always welcome to explore their creative talent. The Arts & Crafts room is open to walk-ins on many lunch hours and evenings.

2016 Arts & Crafts Schedule